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What Is Biopuncture?

Biopuncture is based on the principles of acupuncture, homeopathy, & myofascial trigger point treatment therapy. It is one of the highly unique and effective therapies which involves a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture. It was developed around 50 years ago by the Doctors in Germany. It is so effective that over 80% of Doctors in Germany choose Biopuncture over conventional methods of treatment which includes injecting drugs such as Cortisone.

What is the Process?

It usually involves injecting a saline based solution into certain acupuncture points to inhibit pain, promote blood circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. It is considered to be safe and gentle. FDA approved and regulated homeopathic medicine are recommended as part of the process and the smallest acupuncture like needles are used to administer the solution. Certified doctors administer biopuncture medications in small doses which does not have any side effects, unlike other conventional procedures where drugs such as cortisone and anti-inflammatory are given. Biopuncture therapy focuses primarily on faster healing from within the body rather than the normal symptom control or healing with the help of chemicals or drugs.

How effective is this treatment?

It is the best type of treatment and is most popular for its applications on musculoskeletal problems including spasms, sprains, muscle weakness, arthritis, neck pain, back pain and sciatica. It is more like the TCM or Traditional Chinese Medication which is a system of primary healthcare that includes herbal medicine, cupping therapy, diet and lifestyle changes. It is safe and effective form of natural health care with proven results. It offers great healing within a short span of time. And since it also does not have any side effects, it is a widely popular method of treating chronic or any type of muscle pain or muscle injuries. Biopuncture is widely recommended and used by doctors for treatment of all types of pain and muscle related health problems.

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