Pain Remedies for Sciatica with Chiropractic Treatment in Lower Plenty

Sciatica Also known as: Sciatic nerve pain Can be the cause of : Lower back pain What is it?  Sciatica treatment is the commonly treated back ailment at Bodyline Health – Sciatica is a symptom of lower back pain where pain runs along the sciatic nerve – down the back and into the legs.  The […]

Treatment for Lateral Epicondylitis with Chiropractic Care at Lower Plenty

TENNIS ELBOW ALSO CALLED: LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS     What is it?  “Tennis Elbow” occurs when the connective tissue around the outside of the forearm/elbow becomes irritated or damaged.  Medically referred to as tendonitis (“itis” meaning inflammation)   Who is it Common in? Although, it is referred to as Tennis elbow it is most commonly seen […]

A recipe for improving desk posture at work and home!

With technology taking over our modern society, sometimes it is so hard to disconnect and step away from the desk, especially at work! There’s no denying that for the majority of us after a while of sitting at our desk, the bum slides forward, the feet slide back, the shoulders round forward and the head […]

5 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Winter!

Winter is here, so now is the time to get your body working at its best to avoid any nasty bugs running you down! Whether it’s Chiropractic to help your body be at its peak physical function Chinese herbs to boost the immune system or a remedial massage to relieve the winter aches and pains, […]

Back Pain Solutions with Chiropractic in Lower Plenty

Up to 80% of Australians suffer from back pain throughout their life time, and 10% have a substantial disability as a result. Are you one of these? Chiropractic can help you take control over your pain without having to reach for the pain killers, which in the long term can do more harm than good. […]

Eltham Osteopathy Patients Never Look Back

The practice of osteopathy preventing, locating, and treating a number of health related issues by implementing exercises based on body movement, stretching, and massage focused on the muscles and joints themselves. Bodyline Health has been providing osteopathy services providing the best treatment available by a confident team of professionals and is easy to find when […]

The Doncaster Osteopathy Patients of Bodyline Health

Bodyline Health clinic is located right in the heart of Lower Plenty on main road (see map). It’s so easy to find and only a 13 minute drive for our Templestowe and Doncaser Osteopathy patients, but well worth the drive. We have a qualified team of practitioners (meet the team) to help in different ways, so […]