• Psychology
  • (Published 2001) BA, MSW, MA (Psych) AHPRA, APS & amp; AAFT (Clinical)
  • Khorshed is a registered Psychologist who has dual professional qualifications and experience in both Psychiatric Social Work and Psychology, spanning over 40 years. She is also trained in Family therapies, and has extensive work history with the ‘Victorian Mental Health Service from 1976 through to 2008, along with an 8 year history working with the Ministry of Education. Khorshed’s expertise includes -

    • Individuals experiencing relationship issues, grief and loss, and psychiatric illness(s).
    • Family therapy for relationship issues, bereavement, migration and acculturation.
    • Helping identify problems with and develop self esteem
    • Individuals who find themselves struggling to cope being under Victoria’s WorkSafe system
    • Those who are struggling to negotiate and recover from trauma under TAC.

    Khorshed requires GP referral’s for all new patients, and does not work with patients suffering from addiction or substance abuse.

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