Here is some feedback from satisfied patients who have received Biopuncture care at Bodyline Health.


After months of pain and difficulty walking due to achilles tendon and knee pain, Cameron was desperate to find a solution.  Traditional options like anti inflammatory and orthotics were not helping.  After only a month of Biopuncture I can “now walk around pain free and  I plan to start slowly jogging again.


As a body builder and personal trainer Phillip has had a string of right shoulder injuries over the years. Each injury has progressively added to the intensity of deep shoulder pain.   Within weeks of receiving Biopuncture injections around the shoulder Phillip can now move his shoulder fully and has “10% improvement with each treatment.


Adam presented to Bodyline Health unable to walk and in severe pain from a slipped disc. Within 3 months of treatment Adam could “…walk and run for longer than 30 minutes with no pain at all”. He has “…learnt new ways to move and stretch my back and hips and can walk with no pain and no need for orthotics that I have had for 16 years.


After years of chronic back pain due to complications from spinal back surgery, Mel completed a course of Biopuncture treatments.  Within 6 weeks her “pain is almost completely gone” and she now feels “amazing” compared to the constant pain that she once thought she would have to live with forever.


Lisa, a keen runner had been diagniosed with plantar fasciitis of the foot.  After having a cortisone injection that failed she undertook Biopuncture treatments for the injury.  After only 4 treatments the pain was completely gone and Lisa could again start training a half marathon later this year.


Krystina presented to Bodyline Health with severe neck and back pain due to a recent fall.  Krystina’s pain was limiting her ability to move and work in her job.  MRI and orthopaedic specialists suggested spinal cortisone injections as a last resort before surgery.  Seeking an  alternative to cortisone/surgery  Krystine undertook a course of Biopuncture treatment and “instantly felt better”.  Krystina has since cancelled all her appointments with the orthopaedic surgeon and “can now work a full day on my feet again with almost no pain.