Pathology is a branch of medical science that primarily includes the study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of surgically removed organs, bodily fluids, tissues (biopsy samples) and in some cases the whole body. Pathology deals mainly with the causes and effects of a disease or an injury. The word pathology also refers to the study of any disease in general because it incorporates a wide spectrum of research fields and includes various medical practices.

So what does a pathologist do?

A pathologist is a certified physician who not only studies bodily fluids and tissues, but also helps your primary care doctor come to an insightful and accurate diagnosis about your general health or any particular medical problems that you may have. It also uses laboratory tests to determine and monitor the health of patients with chronic conditions.

Certified doctors administer biopuncture medications in small doses which does not have any side effects, unlike other conventional procedures where drugs such as cortisone and anti-inflammatory are given. Biopuncture therapy focuses primarily on faster healing from within the body rather than the normal symptom control or healing with the help of chemicals or drugs.

The services that we offer are:

  • Specimen Collection Services
  • Analytical Services
  • Clinical Services
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Clinical Trials and
  • Research Support

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