Satin Beauty Comfort Pillow

Once you get used to sleeping on this pillow you will not want to leave home without it. If you struggle keeping your neck in a comfortable position while you sleep then this pillow comes highly recommended. Comes with a soft silk cover for true comfort.



Flex – Heat Pack

Lupin seed is a light round pod, with superior heating qualities when compared to other grain fillings. It is clean natural seed that produces no dust. Filled with 100% Australian Lupin Seeds.



Flex – Ice Pack

Flex-Ice packs are thick and stay soft hot or cold. When the pack is cooled it forms ‘flex-ice’ a unique soft white paste guaranteed to deliver a recommended treatment – taking the guess work out of application.

Hot or Cold Microwavable – Flex-Ice gel packs heat in a minute and will stay hot for hours. Flex-Ice packs can be heated straight from the freezer.

Safe Ingredients -Flex-Ice gel is made of totally non-toxic food grade ingredients. Flex-Ice is a major Hospital supplier and approved by the T.G.A. (Since 2008 over 21 imported and local products have been found to be toxic).



Metagenix Product Range

We are an authorized seller of Metagenics products.

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