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Tension Headache vs. Migraine – Treatment at Bodyline Health Lower Plenty

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Many of us have or will experience headaches at some point in time; but it can be hard to navigate what type of headache it is and what is causing it. Two of the most common headaches include Tension headaches and Migraines. Each of these headaches has certain characteristics that can help you identify which type it is. What is a Tension Headache? A tension headache is the most common type of headache. Characteristics include: – Mild to moderate headache. – Feels like a tight band around your head (hat band distribution) – Pressure is mostly felt in your forehead and at the back of your head close to the top of the neck. – Commonly triggered by stress, poor posture or how you have slept. What is a Migraine? Migraine is typically a more restricting type of headache that focuses pain around the back of one eye. In addition, migraine is difference to tension headache in that you can feel sick and can experience what is referred to as an “aura”. Auras’s can be different for different people, however typical symptoms include: – Visual disturbances (such as swirls, flashing lights, wavy lines, dots or even blind spots) – Dizziness – Weakness and Fatigue – Mood changes – Changes in sense of smell and taste – Numbness or tingling These auras tend to arise before the headache, which characteristically affects behind the eyes, however Migraine can occur without Aura. What can I do to treat them? For both these forms of headaches, the Chiropractic treatment can be the most rapid and effective forms of treatment. Gentle manipulations along with the neck muscle release to the small bands in the known as ‘Trigger Points’ – can significantly alleviate the pain and ache. Chiropractic care can be used in conjunction with other forms of pain relief. If you suffer from Tension Headaches or Migraines, chiropractic care should be high on the list of options explored when looking for long term relief. Should you wish to explore this further, please do not hesitate to call Bodyline Health (90174784) and speak to Dr. Phillip Mifsud about your headaches.  

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