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Disc Injury

Your spinal discs are made up of strong fibrous outer rings that surround a jelly like centre (nucleus).  These discs act as a shock absorber whilst allowing stability throughout all movements of the upper body and spine. When disc height is lost due to degenerative changes or excessive/repeated compression, it becomes inflamed and can rupture causing pressure on the spinal nerve. This is referred to as a “bludging disc”, “slipped disc” or a “herniation”. MRI studies have found that the prevalence of disc bulges in individuals between 20-30 year is around 37%.  The incidence steadily increases with age to as high as 96% in the 80+ year age bracket.  However, in the all age/stages of life it has been found that over 50% of people with bulges are asymptomatic and pain free.  


Therefore, any uncertainty around the exact cause of a back pain or injury is the reason prompt and accurate diagnoses need. All our experts at Bodyline Health in Lower Plenty have all had over 15+ years experience treating patients with disc injury and offer a wide range of effective, quality treatments designed to help you get back on your life as fast as possible. When you consult any of our chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturist and naturopaths the aim all of these treatment is essentially the same –

  1. Reduce inflammation (Ice, Massage NSAID’s etc)
  2. Avoid aggravators whilst maintaining pain free mobility
  3. Maintain restful/healing sleep
  4. Improve spinal movement and stability


  • Usually aged between 20-40 years (males more often)
  • Sudden onset of lower back pain – often with leg pain past the knee
  • Pain can feel sharp, shooting, burning or electrical 
  • Can cause numb areas in the thigh and calf or a tingling (‘pins and needles’)
  • Leg pain is often worse than the back pain
  • Can occur immediately or days after heavy lifting, twisting, straining or repetitive stress/trauma  
  • Pain increased by movement (moving from lying to sitting/sitting to standing) and coughing or sneezing



Our experts may recommend a number of different strategies to combat your disc injury.  Avoidance of aggravators’ is vital along with hands on therapy to release and mobilize the painful protective muscle spasms that coincide with all disc irritation.  Sleep quality is nearly always disrupted by disc injury so some medication is often required in the early phase to help promote quality healing sleep. X-ray and MRI imaging can sometimes be recommended in order to gather more information on the size and number of levels of injury sustained.  Tailored exercises and stretches are prescribed to further relieve pressure on the nerve whilst strengthening the structures of the back, hip and legs to provide long term relief. Our experts will also recommend postural, sleep and occupational changes (i.e. from new bed mattress type to work based stretching routines/intervals).


As one of the northern suburbs leading injury clinics we not only provide disc injury treatments in Rosanna and Lower plenty, but also surrounding suburbs including Bundoora, Watsonia, Eltham, Yallambie, Heidelberg Heights, Macleod and Briar Hill.

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