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Limited Range Of Motion Neck Treatment

Are you looking for the best limited range of motion neck treatment? You need a budget-friendly, quality treatment that is also effective.

Luckily, Bodyline Health offers exactly that. We are dedicated to helping you get back on track with your life and your career, so we’re going to work with you to create a custom program that addresses all of your needs—and we’ll do it in a way that fits into your budget.

The modern lifestyle has improved our quality of life in an endless array of ways.  Each innovation essentially take the “labour” out of once manual tasks such as goods production, quickly assessing information and even most forms of entertainment are now only a finger tip away.  However, with all the progression in technology the nett result is that we are all effectively becoming more sedentary at both work and play.  These changes are affecting how our spine and joints operate and creating more postural imbalance and limited range of motionHave you ever gone to get out of a chair after hours of work and your “neck just went”, prompting you to find someone for some neck treatment?   Statistics show that you are not alone – an average of 15-20% of adults in Australia, seek neck treatment for pain and limited range of motion, each year.

Your spine comprises of 3 main curves, from the reverse C-shaped curve in your neck and lower back, through the mid back curve that opposes in shape, joining the two.  These curves are essential in the efficient weight distribution at rest (sitting and sleeping) and vital when transferring loads around the body whilst actively moving.  Any limited range of motion and poor postural habits robs your body of energy as it uses muscle to compensate for the lack of structural stability your skeleton should be providing . In order to correct restrictions and maintain the strong and stable curves of the body our chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists are perfectly trained to educate and treat your individual needs.  

Here are some limited range of motion and posture correction strategies you can adopt and do both at work and home-

  • Check your mattress and pillow for adequate support of your natural curvatures whilst sleeping. Our sleeping posture we adopt for 1/3 of our lives
  • Do some form of physical activity/exercise/stretches for only 10-20 minutes a day  (make it do something you enjoy doing and is easily repeatable)
  • In any work setting, take regular breaks and divide your time between sitting and standing where possible
  • Do one of two of your favourite stretches daily.  Small, frequent consistency is the key to success – and is the catalyst to easy growth in a stretching routine later.
  • “Sit with your chest proud” whenever you find yourself slouching – instantly re-align  all your spinal curves.
  • Use a lumbar support cushion for when sitting on the couch for your relaxation times
  • Talk to one of our team members about getting a specialized pillow to complement your neck treatment 
  • Visit WorkSafe Or Google Images “ergonomic workstation setup”


We always encourage you to consult your GP or speak to our experienced 

practitioners for a specific examination before you start any exercises, however, below are a few basic movements that are great for reducing neck pain and improving your upper body range of motion

  • Shoulder blade squeezes
  • Chin tucks and sky gazing
  • Neck rolls and head rotations
  • Arms above head when lying down with a pillow beneath your mid back

Our team of experts have years of experience working with people just like you who are struggling with limited range of motion in their necks and shoulders. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you!

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