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Scoloisis treatment in Lower Plenty

As the largest and most trusted Allied Health Clinics in the Lower Plenty area, Bodyline Health ‘s  team provide care to communities including Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Watsonia, Greensborough, RosannaViewbank, Yallambie, Montmorency, Eltham, Diamond Creek, Templestowe, and Doncaster.

We are passionate about the treatment of scoliosis and it associated melodies. Scoliosis is a rotation and sideways curvature of the spine most often seen in adolescent females during the rapidly growing years. Australian statics show that scoliosis can occur in as many as 7% of adolescents aged between 9 to 14 years.  The most common presentations of scoliosis include –

  • A family history is common in both the affected males and females 
  • Is considered structural (anatomical cause) or functional (due to poor posture, muscle imbalance or leg/pelvic imbalance). 
  • Can be relieved by lying flat on back
  • Pain is often constant but may become sharp and stabbing during certain movements,
  • Simple movement like walking, bending and lifting can be restricted and guarded
  • Muscle tightness & tenderness along the length of the back and hip can be seen
  • Leg length difference and/or uneven curvature can be seen on a forward bend test
  • May have a history of previous trauma 


Treatment Options

Before our Chiropractors, Myotherapists, Naturopath or Acupuncturist can determine if you have scoliosis, a thorough assessment of your history, orthopaedic and special imaging testing is need to be conducted.  Once diagnosed, initial treatment for pain may be required and once discomfort subsides, regular ongoing care is often still needed in order to monitor any changes or progression in the curvature. With scoliosis best results are often seen with constant patient vigilance alongside proper treatment.  

The progressive nature of how scoliosis can evolve as we grow is a strong reason early diagnosis and treatment is important.  It is also important to have all musculoskeletal aspects of the hips, neck and other surrounding joint strengthened in order to avoid any future postural instability.  Treatment can include one or a combination of;

  • Joint mobilisation, manipulation and Adjustments
  • Deep tissue massage & Myofascial release
  • Taping and splinting
  • Exercise prescription for the spine and surrounding joints
  • Dry needling and Electrotherapy 
  • Pain education and management


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