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Whiplash Treatment Greensborough

If you’re looking for whiplash treatment in Greensborough, as the result of a car accident or a sports injury, Bodyline Health has the help you need.

A whiplash typically occurs when your head is suddenly and forcefully jolted backwards and forwards.  This “whipping” action resulting in the neck moving beyond the normal range of motion – damaging the supporting structures of the neck. As the deeper ligament, tendons and muscles and are often sprained during this injury, for most people the pain can not immediately be felt (sometimes for hours, or even days after the incident).

Our team of experts will assess the mechanism of injury, look at imaging (if appropriate) and evaluate your condition to advise the most effective treatment plan. Once underway we will than work with you to create an individualized exercise plan to strengthen the neck to help make free and stronger than ever before.

At Bodyline Health, we offer whiplash treatment for Greensborough, Eltham, Rosanna, Heidelberg and Watsonia residents who want the highest quality long term care.  All our team members has 10+ years of experience treating people with whiplash, so you know you’re getting expert advice and treatments every step of the way.

Why us?

Bodyline Health has been established in Lower Plenty (opposite the Lower Plenty Hotel) for over 10 years.  It is the biggest health clinic in Lower Plenty and is within a short 10 minute drive from all adjoining suburbs in the Diamond Valley. We have experts available in a wide variety of professions not only for whiplash treatment but also Austin Pathology Blood collection, Podiatry and Psychology. All our team members all strive to exceed our patient’s expectations with professional caring help and a friendly attitude. To speak to any of our staff call 90174784 or book online for an appointment right away.

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