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12 days of Christmas Health

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As the year starts to wrap up, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves. This list is       designed as the 12 days of Christmas, meaning each day, add one more thing on the list to your day!

  1. Start each day with 2 big glasses of water – after an 8 hour sleep, your cells need hydration for their day!
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast to nourish your day – cells also need energy, so a healthy and balanced breakfast, eg fruit, carbohydrates and protein
  3. Avoid added sugar where possible – this is sugar that is added to our foods and not naturally occurring. Therefore they provide no benefit to us other than just making the food taste sweeter!
  4. EXERCISE!!! De stress, lose weight, gain muscle, relax, reduce blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, boost self esteem, improve mood, boost metabolism and energy, socialize, promotes sleep… These are just a few of the benefits
  5. Try to eat food that you or someone else has prepared fresh and not out of the packet – preparing your own meals means you know exactly what’s inside it and how fresh it is. You can also put whatever you want in! It also means there are no preservatives or nasties that you are unaware of
  6. Meditate for 15 minutes every day for your mind. Meditation can scare some people off, but simply just laying or sitting on the floor, closing your eyes and getting rid of all distractions and try to think about nothing. It’s actually quite tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing!
  7. Be prepared for your day – prepare your food the night before so you can eat health snacks such as fruit, veggies and nuts. You’ll save money and feel a lot better!
  8. Take time out for yourself – Whether it be reading a book, getting a massage or having a bath. Find out what works for you and give yourself some me time!
  9. Breath and be mindful – Sometimes all it takes is 1 minute to take some deep breaths, make sure you are in the moment and continue with your daily activities, now less stressed.
  10. Remember to wind down before bed and 8 hours sleep a night – 8 hours is the optimal number. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive your day is when you rest your body!
  11. Visit your health care professional for your whole body health – at Bodyline Health, all our practitioners can help you to help look after your body. Find someone that works well for you, and look after your body!
  12. Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water and herbal teas if you like! Being hydrated will have a direct effect on your mood, skin and metabolism. Just avoid the sugars!


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