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Good posture and working from home

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Since the pandemic, many of us have been able to work from home.  There are many great benefits to working from home – more time with family, convenience, freedom & autonomy.  However, for many,  the hours gained by no longer commuting to work has resulted in less “incidental” movement. More time is  now  being spent in a more sedentary state and there has been a sharp rise in postural dysfunction and de-conditioning.  A recent Australian Health Survey has shown that adults are now reporting they are sitting down for an average 45+ hours per week.

Changes such as missing the small walk to the train station, walking up a flight of stairs at work, and more time sitting at the home office has resulted in weaker postural muscles.  Poor posture is by far the most common cause of musculoskeletal strains in the neck and lower back and saps the metabolism which gives the feeling of “no energy”. 

A forward head tilt of only 1cm can produce an equivalent 10kg change in the amount of muscle tension required to keep your eyes, head & neck level.  In fact, the tension doubles for every 2-3cm that your head moves forward.  At the other end of your spine, sitting places 3 times the pressure on your lumbar discs as standing does. So overall sitting and not moving for hours on end, places a pretty big strain on your body to simply support it.

Thankfully, our experienced team of Chiropractors at Bodyline Health are perfectly equipped to assess and advise you on all your postural concerns.   During your visit, you will be assessed via a  complete history, orthopaedic and neurological examination.   A recommended course of treatment will be provided to you with tailored stretches/exercises that will restore normal movement patterns and prevent recurrence. Consultations can include –

  • Identification and avoidance strategies to prevent further strain
  • Massage and mobilisations to restore proper alignment and movement to the affected area
  • Home stretches and exercises to encourage improved movement and strength
  • Heat/ice therapy techniques
  • Ergonomic support for your desk, chair and even pillow to provide correct support

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your posture, call our friendly staff on 9017 4784 or book in online at 

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