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Treatment for ACL injury at Bodyline Health in Lower Plenty

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What is it?

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, more commonly known as the ACL is one of the main ligaments of the knee. The ACL and PCL cross over inside the knee joint, connecting your femur or ‘thigh bone’, to your Tibia/‘shinbone’. Ligaments function to connect bone to bone, creating stability and movement between the two structures. Due to the position of the ACL, it is vulnerable to injuries from jumping and landing, sudden stops or changes in direction. These landing and deceleration forces put the ACL under increased load, because of this; it is a common sporting injury.


If you suspect you have an ACL injury, some symptoms you may experience include the following:
– A “Pop” sound at time of injury
– Severe pain
– Inability to do daily activities
– Swelling/inflammation
– Decreased movement
– Pain on movement
– Stiffness
– A feeling of instability
– Leg “giving way” with weight bearing


ACL injuries are commonly associated with sports that involve lots of jumping, landing, pivoting, sudden stopping, sudden changes in directions, or a direct blow – such as soccer, football or netball. However, it could also happen after an awkward landing or fall.
Whilst an ACL injury could happen to anyone, females and sports players tend to be more prone. In addition to this, poor footwear, and running on poor surfaces can increase your chance of sustaining injury.

Management and Treatment:

Treatment does change depending on the severity of the injury; because of this is it important to seek advice from your local healthcare professional. However, initially treatment may include icing, bracing, relative rest and anti inflammatories.
As treatment progresses, Chiropractic manipulation can be very effective in restoring motion to the knee. In addition to this, massage and strengthening exercises may be utilised.
Whilst rare, surgery may be required in the case of a complete tear of this ligament. In this case, chiropractic care can be an excellent tool to maintain motion and aid with healing post-operatively.

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