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Eltham Physiotherapy Clients Seek Help at Bodyline Health

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You will find Bodyline Health Clinic just past the Lower Plenty shops at 17 Main Road. Only a short 10 minute drive, Eltham is a couple suburbs away from our clinic.

Only a 10 minute drive from Eltham

With highly-trained, experience professionals on a team that truly cares about your physiotherapy and sports injury needs, your Eltham physiotherapy provider places your therapeutic and healing needs at the top of their list of priorities. If you are looking for natural, wonderfully beneficial ways to recover and strengthen your body from any injury or other issue you can find the very best in physiotherapy in Eltham.

greensborough-physio-04What is Physiotherapy?

In Australia physiotherapy is more commonly referred to as ‘physical therapy’ and the treatment involves the use of massage, body manipulation, and a series of exercises customized to the therapeutic needs of the patient. Physiotherapy is a preferred choice for many because it will minimize or eliminate the need for painkillers by relieving pain naturally, and it will assist your body to strengthen and recover properly so you can get your life back to normal.


Physiotherapy Professionals: What are their qualifications?

Your Eltham physiotherapy professional will have undergone specific courses involving anatomy, proper manipulation of the body, and met all legal educational requirements under law. They will be licensed and certified in all applicable aspects of physiotherapy itself and beyond.

What does Eltham Physio entail?

Physiotherapy will be conducted on a regularly scheduled basis as recommended by your physician. You will undergo whatever is ordered by the doctor and therapist based on your injury or area of need, and this can involve anything from massage to range of motion techniques to rehabilitative exercises. All treatments used when you receive physiotherapy in Eltham will assist with not only your recovery, but with the relief of pain and inflammation and the building of strength as well.

Is participation is physiotherapy really going to make a difference in my recovery, and will it successfully treat my pain?

Mary Flemming (Physiotherapist)
Mary Flemming (Physiotherapist)

Physiotherapy will get the blood flowing, strengthen the muscles, restore levels of flexibility, and give you back some or all of the ease of motion you are accustomed to. Patients who refrain from taking advantage of physiotherapy not only recover much more slowly, some of them never fully recover, and many end up dealing with pain by means of prescription medications or simply by learning to live with it. The fact is that professional physiotherapy in Eltham or any other location will hasten the recovery process and teach you to maintain it while continually improving. You will also improve other physical functions in the process which are essential not only to your recovery, but to living a healthy day to day life as well.


If you are faced with the choice of finding a quality Eltham physiotherapy provider or simply coping and learning to live with your current infirmities the wise choice is obvious. Experience the pain relief, recovery, and other benefits provided by your professional provider of physiotherapy in Eltham. You will feel great, rest better, and never go back to the old way of getting strength and relief again! Call your Eltham physiotherapy specialist today for an appointment and get yourself on the solid road to recovery!

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