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Finding the right Pillow for your body in Lower Plenty

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Finding the right Pillow for your Body in Lower Plenty What is the best pillow option when it comes to our body – soft or firm, high or low, latex or memory foam?  There is no simple answer so – here are some guidelines to follow that help make the right choice easier for you. Why is it important? When we sleep our body “heals” and sleep is a fundamental part of our overall health. On average we spend 8 hours per night sleeping on our pillow – which is 33% of our day spent in our ‘sleeping posture’. So no matter how well we monitor our posture during the day, there is 8 hours of poor posture if we don’t have a good pillow! How do I know if I have the right pillow? “If you think it you’re right!!” If you have ever woken up in the morning and thought it is you pillow making your neck feet tight – it is your pillow.  Listen to your body; you should not wake up in the morning feeling an ache in the back or neck.  If you are doing so consistently, it’s time to listen to what your body is telling you and make a change…. the first option is a new pillow. If you’re still not sure, there are a few little rules that we recommend you follow, – Ideally, you should sleep on SIDE (in the foetal position) or either your BACK.  This may be a difficult posture to maintain, however, whenever you find yourself on your stomach simply reset onto the side or back and drift off to sleep again. In time this will become your “preferred” position, as opposed to the stomach position. Stomach sleeping is the least preferred posture as it forces your neck into prolonged rotation (left or right) whilst at the same time the lower spine cannot remain in the neutral position.   As the pelvis is the heaviest part of the trunk  – stomach sleeping creates sagging in the abdomen and spine at the hips, whilst causing compression of the back muscles.
  1. If you sleep on your back – Lower pillows usually work well here as they keep your neck as close to neutral as possible, without flexing your head forward too much.
  2. If you sleep on your side – your pillow should be approximately the same height as the distance between your neck and the edge of your shoulder; this will also keep your spine in a neutral position. A contour pillow is a great option using the same rule!
  3. If you switch between the two – a contour pillow may become your best friend! Some contour pillows even have a lower side for when you’re sleeping on your back and a higher side for when you’re sleeping on your side.
  4. If you sleep on your stomach – come and chat to one of our chiropractors!
The right pillow in conjunction with good chiropractic care will have your neck feeling a million dollars in no time. Pop in to chat to us if you have any questions, or call Dr Phillip Mifsud on 9017 4784

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