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Modern Medicine or Melbourne Chiropractor – Which is Best For You?

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Do you have lower back pain, hip pain or you just don’t feel like you are moving as easily as you should lately? If so, you are not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people in Melbourne complain of having back pain at some point in their lives; many of them have it every day and live with it thinking there is nothing they can do about it.


quotesThe truth is, there is something you can do about it.

The truth is, there is something you can do about it. You can stay in bed all day and don’t ever leave the house; this might cause you to lose your job, fall into depression and be worse off than when you started. You could also call your family doctor, take a day off from work to go in for a checkup, have him send you to a specialist only to have that doctor send you home with a couple of ineffective pills and order some bed rest. Do you see the trend? It’s a fact, people with back pain tend to get no relief from modern medicine and they usually just end up living every day with their lower back pain feeling that there is no hope.

I am happy to say, there is hope for you. If you have lower back pain or are in need of a spinal adjustment, skip your doctor and see a Melbourne chiropractor instead. More people state that they have gotten immediate relief after only one or two visits to a chiropractor and have had long term relief from their back pain with extended treatment. And that’s all without the use of dangerous pain medications, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs; who wants to take a dozen pills a day anyway?

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How can a Melbourne Chiropractor Help?

The way a chiropractor helps you is by making small adjustments to your spine to keep it aligned and healthy. This spinal alignment relieves the pressure that your body could be putting on nerves, joints and tendons. If you stop and think about it, your back does a lot of work. It helps you walk, pick things up, stand up, sit down and do just about everything you need your body to do. When your spine is out of commission, you can’t work, you can’t enjoy spending time with your family and, in some cases, you can barely walk. A healthy spine is important which is why anytime you have back pain, you need to see and expert; you need to see a chiropractor Melbourne.


A Melbourne chiropractor, or Melbourne chiro for short, has the ability to treat back pain using natural, non-invasive methods that work not only in the long term, but from the very first visit. No doctor with no amount of medicines can boast that kind of effectiveness.

Dr Phillip (Chiropractor in Melbourne)

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. He was in a car accident years ago and crushed his spine. Doctors told him he would never walk again. They recommended surgery where they would insert a titanium rod complete with brackets and scaffolding onto his spine to help him walk. He would still be in pain every day of his life and that is something the doctors callously told him to “just get used to”.

Being an intelligent person and believing that doctors knew it all, he took their advice, put off the surgery and planned on a long, painful recovery. Eventually, he was able to walk and this development caused him to put off the surgery indefinitely. Why pay for surgery, take another 6 months off from work and spend years in rehabilitation to still be in pain every day?

For years, my friend lived with his back pain and, upon his family doctor’s request, avoided seeing a chiropractor. “They won’t help you they said”, “They’ll do more harm than good.” Again, believing in his doctor, he took the advice and continued on in pain, sometimes excruciating for the next ten years or so.


One day, he decided enough was enough. He was tired of being out of shape and letting his back pain get the best of him. He decided it was time to join a local gym and get back in shape. His back would hurt anyway, why not give it his all? Little did he know that this day would be a life-changing experience for him.

My friend arrived at the gym and was greeted by his personal trainer; a rather large man who looked quite intimidating to someone who hasn’t been in the gym in many years. They began talking and as they worked out, the trainer noticed that my friend favored certain movements over others due to his back pain. The trainer pointed out that he should try a couple of exercises and maybe see a chiro in Melbourne. That was it, he took the advice and called one that very day. His appointment was scheduled for the next day and his apprehension levels were getting the best of him. What if his doctor was right? What if it did make his back worse? How much worse could it get? He was already in pain, what’s a little more? He attended the appointment anyway.

The chiropractor explained why his back hurt and what he could do about it. Was it a magic pill or some formula that would make his back return to normal and enable him to live a pain free life? No, it was common sense and the skill and experience of a Melbourne chiropractor. His back pain was significantly reduced and with just a few more visits, it was practically gone. If you ask my friend what he thinks about chiropractors, he will tell you that he has seen one of the best chiropractors Melbourne has ever seen and that everyone who has even the slightest bit of back pain should do the same.

So which one do you think is best for you? A doctor with an expensive bill and a handful of prescription slips, or a Melbourne chiropractor treating you with care, understanding and natural spinal alignment methods? I’ll let you decide.

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