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Back Pain Solutions with Chiropractic in Lower Plenty

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Up to 80% of Australians suffer from back pain throughout their life time, and 10% have a substantial disability as a result. Are you one of these?

Chiropractic can help you take control over your pain without having to reach for the pain killers, which in the long term can do more harm than good. Your back pain has come for a reason, the reason being your body is yelling at you to tell you that it doesn’t like what you are doing to it, or how you are treating it. It is time to take control over your body!!!

Experiencing back pain is a normal part of life. Dr Phillip Mifsud, Bodyline Health’s Chiropractor can help you to take control over your pain. Once the pain is gone, Dr Phillip will help you to maintain your pain free state with exercise prescription and lifestyle advice to avoid any future back pain episodes.

Having regular Chiropractic appointments can not only help your pain, but maintain your body at an equilibrium state. This means that when your body starts whispering to you that something is wrong, you can identify it straight away and do what you need help the whispers, and avoid future injuries.

“Spinal manipulation is the most studied form of treatment to date for low back pain. There is more evidence to support the use of manipulative therapy (Chiropractic adjustment) therapy for back pain than any other treatment”. (From: “Clinical Anatomy and Management of Low-Back Pain” Edited by L. Giles MSc DC(C) PhD and K. Singer MSc PT. PhD)



Dr Phill (Chiropractor)
Dr Phill (Chiropractor)



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