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Treatment for Positional Vertigo at Bodyline Health

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What is it? What is the common cause? Positional Vertigo is occurring if you have episodes of dizziness/ and or a sensation of spinning with certain head movements. It is triggered by changes in head position, such as tipping the head up or down and although frightening is not dangerous unless it increases the risk of falling. Positional vertigo is most often seen in the 50 + age bracket, and affects women more so than men.   The “dizziness” can come on suddenly with seemingly no cause, but it is often associated with a minor a blow to your head or recent sinus and inner ear congestion.   Symptoms? Dizziness  or light-headedness, is the primary complaint in Positional Vertigo due to the sensitive structures within the ear canals  that control balance, being out of sync with where your body actually is.  These canals contain fluid (and crystals floating within them) that sense and monitor the rotation of your head and its position relation to gravity. During a bout of Positional Vertigo the dizzy feeling results from the crystals in the ear canal become dislodged causing the brain over react position changes it would normally not respond to.   Need relief? Treatment for Positional Vertigo is usually very successful with a combination of gentle neck manipulations and a specific set of head “Manoeuvres” that helps shift the free-floating crystals within the ear canal to a more stable position.  To find out more about treatment for positional vertigo call our clinic on (03) 9017 4784 and Dr. Phil is more than happy to chat to you about your concerns.  Alternatively, we are open 6 days a week to talk to our staff of or you can book an appointment anytime on our website at www.bodylinehealth.com .

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