Chiropractic care at Bodyline Health; Medical and Wellness Centre in Lower Plenty is your finest source of relief for headaches and migraines…

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Chiropractic care at Bodyline Health; Medical and Wellness Centre in Lower Plenty is your finest source of relief for headaches and migraines…

If you are an unfortunate victim of the debilitating discomfort and distraction of headaches and/or migraines you are not alone; the majority of Australians suffer from headaches or migraines at some point in their lifetime.

When symptoms strike – what is your go-to pain remedy? Perhaps you soldier on through the pain, have a rest or pop your typical headache/migraine medication in the hope that the throbbing tension will eradicate. However, none of these remedies are long – term effective solutions to the nagging and re-occurring hindrance of headaches and migraines. However, there is a solution…

Introducing chiropractic care at Bodyline Health; although accessed by countless headache and migraine sufferers for years, others are STILL ignoring, resting or taking supermarket and chemist bought medications in the anticipation that their pain will alleviate, but not the initial cause of the headache.

At Bodyline Health, we understand that these symptoms and their reoccurrence can be frustrating, which is why our team of committed chiropractors will access the current condition of your spine and nervous system to further identify the cause/s of your persistent pain. Subsequently a tailored treatment plain is put into practice which typically involves chiropractic adjustments and muscle stretching specific to the source and region of your pain, and advice on how to prevent re – occurrence throughout the day with home based exercises and stretching.

Chiropractic care is an invaluable source of effective and lasting results for headache and migraine sufferers, which reduces your need to reply on the opportunity to rest or take medications to relive symptoms.

TOP TIP: headaches and migraines tend to be more prevalent in office employees or those who sit at a desk for many hours of the day. If this is you, we encourage you to break up the sitting time by taking brief and stretch your neck when able.

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