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Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain at Lower Plenty

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WHAT IS IT? Shoulder Pain and injury are extremely common due to the mobility of the joint and the relatively small muscles around the shoulder holding it together.  Damage to these muscles, along with the connection to the neck and the complex network of nerves that run from the neck to shoulder and arm is often the cause of shoulder pain.  If these muscles are damaged they may simply not be strong enough to allow the shoulder to function properly – further creating imbalance and other issues. This is the reason why it is so important for our shoulder muscles to be able to function properly at all times and as quickly as possible post injury/operation. SYMPTOMS:
  • Pain or discomfort around shoulder joint when executing daily tasks or whilst sleeping
  • Slow and painful to recover
  • Pain in the front of the shoulder or referral down the inner/outer arm
  • Difficulty lifting the arm above the head or behind the body
CAUSES: Shoulders pain can have many different causes. The pain or discomfort may occur in the neck down to the shoulder, in the joint itself and from the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the shoulder joint. Most shoulder problems occur as a result of a trauma (fall, bump, over stretch). However, if no trauma has occurred the shoulder pain may be the result of a neck issue and present as –
  • Inflammation (bursitis or tendinitis)
  • Instability of the Rotator Cuff Muscles
  • Arthritis like joint noise
  • Nerve Impingement and referral down the arm
DIAGNOSIS: Diagnosis of the cause exact course of your pain or discomfort is often difficult and needs the skills of an experienced practitioner to examination the shoulder and the surrounding areas of the body.  Imaging, such as X-ray of the shoulder may also be necessary to help a definitive diagnosis. Dr. Phillip Mifsud is a Sports Chiropractor who specialises in shoulder issues and has treated thousands of shoulders with a combination of techniques (from massage and manipulation, dry needling, biopuncture injections and exercises).  If you are having shoulder pain or discomfort for the first time, or that won’t go away or getting worse, make an appointment with Dr. Phil and he is certain to help! NEED HELP? Call our clinic on 9017 4784 and Dr. Phil is more than happy to chat to you about your concerns.  Alternatively, we are open 6 days a week to talk to our staff of or you can book an appointment anytime on our website at www.bodylinehealth.com .

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